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Bound by Blood and a… – A River Never Sleeps


The McMillans embraced that approach as anglers, naturalists, photographers and scientists – and now, lucky for us, they have compressed their deep knowledge into a beautiful coffee table book.

Bound by Blood and a… – A River Never Sleeps

"May the Rivers Never Sleep – Living with North Pacific Rivers as Calendars in the Footsteps of Roderick Haig-Brown. By Bill & John McMillan. Frank Amato …"

 John, a salmon ecologist, learned about fish and fishing at the elbow of his father, Bill, one of the founders of the Wild Fish Conservancy. And one senses from reading this book that the son has brought his own perspective to the waterfront, allowing both of them to expand their understanding of nature in a way that they would not have done, working alone. They make a fabulous team.

It is a good read and would make a very good present to a trout angler.

Fly Fishing Tips for Catching Winter Trout


Do you fish single or multiple nymphs in the winter? I usually fish two but in the winter I seem to have better luck with a single.

Fly Fishing Tips for Catching Winter Trout

"Winter can be the most rewarding season of the year for fly anglers. If you can stand the cold, you just might have the river to yourself, experiencing solitude that's rarely found when the mayflies are hatching in spring and summer. But there's …Field and Stream"


 This is a very well written article and would benifit young and not so young

Who makes the best Rod

Who makes the best fly rod? Who are the top fly fishing rod manufacturers?

The answer depends on the fly fishing guide you talk to, and, unfortunately, the brands they endorse or are authorized dealers of. 

In an attempt to provide an objective list of the best fly fishing rods, we’ve researched the best fly rods used in the World Record Game Fishes book, published by the International Game Fish Association.

Here are the top fly rods, in terms of world records, along with links to price comparisons and in-depth reviews on those particular brands.

1. Sage Fly Rods (75 world records)

Best fly rods - Sage fly fishing

It’s obvious Sage fly rods are the best fly fishing rods in the eyes of world record fly fishermen.

With 75 world records, Sage has more than three times as many records as the next closest competitor.

Sage, founded in 1980 by legendary rod designer Don Green, is currently located in Bainbridge Island, Wash.

“Sage was created with one idea in mind – to build the world’s finest performance fly rods,” the company’s website notes. “Using world-class materials and years of experience gained while working with Fenwick and Grizzly rod companies, Don revolutionized the fly fishing world.”


A short review by

Brian Milne

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