Month – December 2012

Vietnam has successfully transformed


In the last 20 years, Vietnam has successfully transformed

Rwanda: Vietnam to Train Locals in Fishing

“THE Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources has sent four of its staff to Vietnam for postgraduate studies in Aquaculture and Fisheries as part of efforts to boost the fisheries sector. Jean Claude Ndorimana, Fidèle Kampayana, Stéphanie Kamondo …”


To think where they were those 20 years ago it will bring back a lot of memories.

Christmas Fishing: Trout Being Released Into East Bay Lakes …


Do you remember of what you asked your mates at Christmas time. What are they going to do for the next New Year, are they going to go fishing, take up golf,or spend less time at work. Now that the year has gone past have you sat for a moment and thought of what they have actually done that was different from last year or are they still in the same old rut. 

Christmas Fishing: Trout Being Released Into East Bay Lakes …

"People who like to fish are getting a holiday present from state officials. Do you plan to go fishing? Share your photos!Concord Patch"

While reading this article does it not remind you of somebody very close to home, or are you guilty to. Nothing new happens unless you put a bit of time and effort into it yourself, you need to put your best effort into it  as life is too short, and you only get one chance at it so you should make the most and enjoy.


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